See Whats Inside

Home Page

  • The Network of Care is 508 compliant and can be translated into 50 different languages. The home page offers message boards, calendar, access to the Network of Care Social Networking platform, a variety of Learning Centers, education material, and national news. Custom content and announcements can be added to the banner, left, center, and right columns making it easy for users to find.

Community Dashboard

  • A Community Dashboard that includes more than 100 different health categories offers an at-a-glance view on how a community compares to national, state and county metrics. Topics include health, economy, transportation, public safety along with other indicators that provide insight into the health of a community.

Promising Practices

  • Promising Practices provides a fast way to learn what works and what doesn't when it comes to building healthy communities. The resources, insight, articles, and case studies collected in the Network of Care for Healthy Communities delivers a best-practices look at the successful efforts professionals and community members have made to create positive change in their neighborhoods. Categories include ways to improve health, education, public safety, and the environment.

Service Directory

  • A comprehensive directory of services gathers information regarding local resources and grassroots programs dedicated to improving community health. This easy-to-use information hub enables individuals to quickly and easily find service programs by category, by type, or by name, view the program details, including services offered and address and phone numbers, email contacts, and maps and driving directions.


  • An online library brings together a vast collection of articles and fact sheets by experts in the field of public and community health.


  • We provide access to helpful resources on a local, state and national level. Thanks to the collection of links we've gathered on the Network of Care for Healthy Communities, it is simple to find online information about government programs and nonprofit organizations that specialize in community health issues.


  • Network of Care for Healthy Communities' Legislate tool is a powerful way for people to stay on top of state and federal legislation that can affect the health of their communities. A bill tracker lets site visitors follow state bills under consideration during the current session, while a built-in email tool makes it simple for concerned citizens to contact elected representatives regarding issues that improve the health of their communities.

Personal Health Record / My Folder

  • The secure folder built in to the Network of Care for Healthy Communities Web site provides a safe online space to store and organize personal health records and share them with trusted family members or caregivers. The personalized health care folder makes it easy to find a record of health care visits, lists of prescription medication, correspondence from health care providers, as well as other vital medical information. Instead of searching through files of paper, the Personal Health Record makes information retrievable with a button click. Built on the same standard as official electronic medical records, the Network of Care for Healthy Communities makes it simple for doctor and patient to share data.

The focus of this site is to provide key health indicators, data and information to community stakeholders, as well as to individuals and families.